We operate integration platforms-as-a-service

We operate secure and scalable integration platforms-as-a-service (iPaaS) customised for vertical markets. We enable companies in those markets to cut the cost and complexity of exchanging data with multiple business partners.

Integrate once into a systemsync iPaaS and trade with your entire marketplace.

Our flagship product is pensionsync which is helping UK payroll and pension companies scale to meet unprecedented volumes of new customers.

What is an iPaaS?

Headquartered in the UK and launched in 2013, systemsync solutions ltd is a new specialist provider of integration solutions in the cloud, also known as iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service).

An integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a form of platform as a service (PaaS) that provides capabilities to enable subscribers (usually referred to as "tenants") to implement integration projects involving any combination of cloud resident and on premises endpoints.

Our iPaaS solution is a flexible and configurable market-agnostic data exchange that enables data access and delivery in a fast, reliable, secure and affordable way, regardless of data structure at the source or the destination. Our iPaaS platform is configured to handle highly sensitive & high volume data exchanges between financial institutions, accountancy and payroll software products whilst conforming to UK data protection legislation.

iPaaS is now a $1.6bn high growth global market that represents the last essential component to realize the benefits of cloud architecture. Since iPaaS allows users to connect applications that reside in the cloud (e.g. CRM or SaaS accounting) or on-premise (e.g. Oracle, SAP enterprise systems) and deploy them without installing or managing any hardware or middleware, it is expected that iPaaS will replace traditional forms of integration very rapidly, with small and medium enterprises becoming the key adopters.

pensionsync is a secure data hub wholly owned and operated by systemsync, which automates the transfer of data between Payroll, Benefits and Pension systems.

The benefits of pensionsync for Payroll and Middleware Software Providers

pensionsync reduces the data integration costs for Payroll and Middleware Software Providers.

Software Developers can integrate once into pensionsync and let it transfer that data to multiple Pension Providers. pensionsync will also gather opt-out and error messages (where produced) from Pension Providers and passes that information back to the Payroll Software via a single API. In this way Payroll and Flexible Benefits platforms only have to integrate once into pensionsync in order to exchange data with the Pension Providers that pensionsync supports.

The benefits of pensionsync for Payroll Bureaus, Accountants and Employers

pensionsync saves time for Payroll Bureau staff, or any person operating an Employers Payroll such as Accountants or Payroll employees

pensionsync automates the transfer of data between Payroll to Pension Providers. There is no need to export data from Payroll into a spreadsheet and upload it to pensionsync. Error management is significantly reduced and there is no need to be constantly logging on to pension websites. Opt in and opt out data can also be automatically downloaded from the pension provider from your payroll system, saving even more time.

The benefits of pensionsync for Pension Providers

pensionsync enables a reduction in the number of FTE-equivalent support roles a Provider needs to dedicate in supporting customers load data and error management.

The support function therefore becomes more efficient and effective by focusing on genuine issues with lower call waiting times. Working with pensionsync means a Pension Provider does not have to work directly with scores of Payroll Software Providers; meaning development and CRM resources can be utilised for more profitable purposes.

About automatic enrolment

"The law on workplace pensions has changed. Every employer with at least one member of staff now has new duties, including enrolling those who are eligible into a workplace pension scheme and contributing towards it. This is called automatic enrolment."
Official quote from The Pensions Regulator website

Automatic enrolment effects every employer in the UK, and their accountant or other agency which manages their payroll.

Find out more about automatic enrolment at these websites:



systemsync’s benefits market platform selected for FCA sandbox

Jun 27, 2017 PRESS RELEASE

pensionsync drops fees, announces plans to launch online employee benefits market


pensionsync launches pension comparison website in industry first www.payroll.pensions.market

Nov 30, 2016 PRESS RELEASE

pensionsync wins highly coveted payroll award


pensionsync lands more pensions giants as the technology platform forges ahead

Oct 25, 2016 PRESS RELEASE

Overcoming the barriers to making the Pensions Dashboard a success

Oct 18, 2016 PRESS RELEASE

pensionsync announces several new clients as the platform goes from strength to strength


systemsync closes 2nd equity investment round; announces initial revenue being billed


pensionsync & Bond International Software successfully deliver Client data, from Armstrong Watson to Legal & General and The People’s Pension, using state-of-the-art digital technology


Plugging auto-enrolment into payroll: meet Pensionsync's Will Lovegrove

Corporate Adviser Nov 20, 2015

L&G and People’s Pension automate systems for AE

Professional Pensions Oct 21, 2015

Legal & General and The People's Pension on GA via pensionsync.com

Oct 20, 2015

systemsync solutions ltd announces first payroll customers: Bond Payrite, Xero, Qtac, Brightpay, Benchmark

Sept 03, 2015

Payroll defined and revalued

June 4, 2015 Payroll World Magazine

Holy Grail of payroll/pension interfacing' launched'

May 18, 2015 Coporate Advisor Magazine

systemsync solutions ltd launches pensionsync


Master Trusts Get Behind Platform To Simplify Automatic Enrolment

May 1, 2015 Professional Pensions

Systemsync Solutions Ltd secures over £850k initial Investment

Mar 25, 2015 PRESS RELEASE

Steve Bee's Jargonfree launches intuitive AE software

July 16, 2014 Corporate Advisor



Overcoming the barriers to making the Pensions Dashboard a success

Will Lovegrove October 18, 2016

It is vitally important that we safeguard the true value of a pensions dashboard and ensure that the project is a success. We know its value; it is now necessary to make the dashboard a reality.

Pensions Dashboard: too small an idea

Will Lovegrove March 29, 2016

Will Lovegrove, systemsync's CEO, explains his vision for the Pensions Dashboard

The 3 key AE issues facing the payroll industry

Chris Deeson Nov 4, 2015

Chris Deeson, systemsync's CMO, highlights the 3 AE issues facing the payroll industry and how technology can help each one.

Can you afford to lose out in the AE payroll arms race?

Stuart Pethurst Oct 26, 2015

Stuart Pethurst, systemsync's Business Development Manager, believes data automation is anow the weapon of choice in a highly competitive payroll market.

Unfashionably optimistic about AE

Chris Deeson Oct 26, 2015

At the Swindon FoAE meeting on Tuesday, circa 20 people raised their hand to the not unreasonable question "is there a high risk that AE will fail next year?". 2 hands only remained defiantly down and both of them were attached to Chris Deeson's wrists.

Why is a 'pension scheme' data standard needed now?

Will Lovegrove Oct 19, 2015

‘AE pension scheme’ data standard released into the public domain, to boost interoperability

Will pension data automation help the employer?

Will Lovegrove Oct 13, 2015

I was asked today in a meeting “will pension data automation help the employer?” It turned out to be a surprisingly difficult question to answer, because employers will not be the direct short term beneficiaries of pension data automation.

pensionsync 'direct' - the 3rd way for payroll to buy data automation

Will Lovegrove Oct 1, 2015

Today, systemsync announced its plans to open up its 'pension data automation' technology for direct access by Payroll Bureaus and Employers.

Can technology really revolutionise the payroll industry?

Will Lovegrove Sept 29, 2015

With over 1.8m UK companies still to implement obligatory pension schemes for staff, Will Lovegrove, CEO at systemsync solutions, looks at how auto-enrolment creates opportunities for new technologies.

Is UK Payroll more efficient than its New Zealand counterpart?

Chris Deeson Sept 17, 2015

New research published by Dr Iain Clacher of the University of Leeds shows that, on average, payroll charges in the UK have increased by 30% directly because of Automatic Enrolment.

"AE: the payroll perspective" - market research report available now.

Will Lovegrove Sept 16, 2015

systemsync supported Dr Iain Clacher from The University of Leeds in this work because we wanted to quantify the demand and the value of pension data automation services in the UK Payroll market.

What is the cost of automatic enrolment for SMEs?

Chris Deeson Jul 10, 2015

To prepare for the future, we think that it is important to reset the current paradigm and to gain a snapshot of recent experiences of staging and processing and so systemsync have teamed up with Dr Iain Clacher from the University of Leeds to undertake a research project into the current costs of automatic enrolment.

Payroll Bureaus & Accountants - you are the future

Chris Deeson Jun 25, 2015

At the CIPP’s Capacity Crunch Conference yesterday, Steve Bee of JargonFreeBenefits wowed the audience with a mercurial presentation using that most flexible medium of acetate and overhead projector.

Hats off to NEST (and Qtac, Sage, Iris & Moneysoft)

Will Lovegrove Jun 11, 2015

Today NEST announced plans to release an API to help Payroll Software, Bureaus and ultimately employers simplify the process of loading data into and out of NEST. Hats off to you NEST. Well done.

systemsync teams up with Pension PlayPen to help SMEs choose pension

Will Lovegrove May 18, 2015

Systemsync solutions ltd (‘systemsync’) and Pension PlayPen have today announced a strategic alliance

Pensions, Gangnam Style & Logarithms. The real reason why Data Standards are always the last ones to arrive at a party.

Will Lovegrove Oct 2, 2014

This post will explain why someone from the Music Industry (me) feels so at home right now with the UK Pension industry.

3 predictions on the impact of the Payroll-2-Pension PAPDIS standard

Will Lovegrove Jul 3, 2014

Yesterday (2nd July 2014) a significant press release was issued by ‘Pensions BIB’ announcing that they were creating a free data standard (named the PAPDIS standard) to help simplify...

About us

systemsync is a trading name of systemsync solutions Ltd.

We were formed in 2015 by the founders of a highly experienced and fast moving software development consultancy based in Parsons Green, London. Our engineering team been building mobile apps, enterprise apps, software products and APIs for our customers for over 10 years.

Our management team has been at the forefront of some great technical innovations for the last decade. We have worked extensively in the music industry at the cutting edge of digital software technology helping to transform our clients businesses to allow them to compete in the era of digital distribution.

We have been appliying our knowledge of technology to positively impact the Pensions and Payroll industy since Autumn 2013.

Career opportunities

systemsync solutions ltd is an equal opportunities employer & we welcome applications from any member of the UK or EU workforce. We have an excellent track record of hiring workers at the beginning of their career and then investing in their skills and experiences to help them progress up the pay-scale and responsibility-scale. Every position comes with instant enrolment into Benefits package (after conclusion of the probation period).

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Email hello@systemsyncsolutions.com with your LinkedIn Profile. We'll take the conversation from there.

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